What’s your “cat limit”?

What’s your “cat limit”?

Each person thinks they know their “cat limit”. Often this occurs when someone sees a rescue or an adorable kitten who needs a home. “We’re at our limit” they say, and that ends the topic. But what is your cat limit and can that number...
What’s your “cat limit”?

A Happy Update On The Queen

In one month and thirteen days it’ll have been a year since mom died. Honestly, I didn’t expect her cat, my sister, the Queen to live that long. After all, she’d battled bobcat fever in 2017, then faced high blood pressure, and had been on medicine...
What’s your “cat limit”?

The Care and Feeding of Old Ladies (Cats)

When mom passed away in October, I wasn’t sure how long Belle, her beloved companion cat, would make it. In 2017 Belle had a bout with Bobcat Fever and miraculously survived. Then, in the fall of 2017, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. She’s gone...
What’s your “cat limit”?

Weighted Cat Blankets

I hate thunderstorms. Especially severe ones, or the threat of severe weather, because it triggers emotional flashbacks in me. Hail is the worst. It’s like Mother Nature is yelling at me and throwing things and threatening to hurt me–for no reason. So...

I think they know…Mama J update (cat tales)

It’s not like me to be running, and yet, over the last ten days, I was going somewhere for nine of them. And even when I was kind of home, I had outdoor projects and all sorts of things happening and so I didn’t get to sit down at my desk the way I...

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