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My apologies for the cyberdust. My website has been sorely neglected while I’ve been writing and publishing books. Please enjoy my blog and I’ll be updating books and more information soon. In the meantime, click on the Amazon link at the top to visit my Amazon Author page.

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Yoga Horses

In the mornings before I feed the horses, I'll see Thunder doing yoga. He puts his front feet out before him and then does a big stretch, like a cat stretching its back or "downward dog", except he keeps his head up. He does this before eating, and I'd like to think...

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Winter Weather Finally Comes To The Homestead

Yesterday it was cloudy with the heavy, gonna rain feeling that you get in the spring when the temperatures get a bit too warm and storms are predicted. And they were predicted. For two days my weather app on my phone had come with with "weather alerts for your area"...

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A long road back to horses

What started you on your writing journey? I remember the day as plain as day. I was in K-Mart with money I'd earned from my job "pushing" rides at a local trail riding facility. I was twelve, too young to legally work, but they paid me cash under the table and I was...

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