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Free Stories

I love sharing my worlds with readers. Even better, I love being able to do it for free. Enjoy these stories that I’m offering for free through my various platforms.

Subscription Stories

These stories come with a little extra. When you subscribe at my website (think of it as a special, private Patreon tier), your ongoing monthly support (often $2/month) will help me continue to share these worlds with you, take care of all my critters (horses and cats, especially. The chickens pay for themselves right now.), and you’ll receive the stories as well as any bonuses and additional information. Plus, you’ll have my undying gratitude.


My fantasy storiese take place in the world of the Musimagium, a place where magic and music combine with animal familiars (socius) and an intricate magical society rife with rivalries, law enforcement, and even schools.


Equestrian Women’s Lit & Romance

My love of horses drives me to craft books that share the same “barn environment” that I’ve enjoyed and feature those who find love in their equestrian pursuits. Whether you ride English or Western, or don’t ride at all, you’ll find stories for you.


Recent Blog Posts

Hitting the Fibro Wall (Fibro Gone Wild)

Three amazing, productive days had me feeling on top of the world. This weekend and Monday were awesome. So much getting done that I'd taken care of my daily to do list and then had started in on the long to do list to catch up on before getting back to the main list....

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Book Review: The Duplex by (LGBT Historical Fiction)

Intriguing Look At The Past The perfect plan never works out that way--or does it? When Jerry comes up with the idea that two couples rent a duplex together it seems perfect. But people don't always go according to plan and neither does the duplex. As a reader, I...

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Silly Fly Masks, Summer Fun (Sunday Horses)

When I boarded Fortune at the barn in Iowa, I made it a point to get her the silly fly masks. Not only was she the only horse in the pasture with them on, but also it made others laugh, and I thought it was pretty funny too. I haven't been using fly masks here, due in...

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