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    My fantasy storiese take place in the world of the Musimagium, a place where magic and music combine with animal familiars (socius) and an intricate magical society rife with rivalries, law enforcement, and even schools.


    Equestrian Women’s Lit & Romance

    My love of horses drives me to craft books that share the same “barn environment” that I’ve enjoyed and feature those who find love in their equestrian pursuits. Whether you ride English or Western, or don’t ride at all, you’ll find stories for you.


    Recent Blog Posts

    Cover Reveal: Flying Changes (Cardinal Oaks Book 1)

    When I originally began the Noble Dreams series, the barn was going to be Cardinal Oaks. And then, once I began writing, Cora, and the characters, let me know the barn name needed to change. Yet, my Scrivener file remained "Cardinal Oaks". However, Zahra moved onto...

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    Fly Spray Follies (Sunday Horses)

    It's been a while since I've written a Sunday Horses blog; I'm trying to get back into the swing of things after two very busy semesters in college (one more to go before my Associate's Degree) and some health issues. But with summer heat, fly season has officially...

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    Slow and Steady Creates Progress

    I took a break on the clarinet practicing. The end of the spring semester really hit me hard. Add to that a few other things, and well let's just say my little notations in my planner that I played faded into nothingness. But I've practiced TWICE this week and hope to...

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