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My apologies for the cyberdust. My website has been sorely neglected while I’ve been writing and publishing books. Please enjoy my blog and I’ll be updating books and more information soon. In the meantime, click on the Amazon link at the top to visit my Amazon Author page.

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When I can’t be with them (Sunday Horses)

It was on the to do list. Finally we had a weekend with sun, or at least no rain, and warm-ish temperatures for this time of year. "Brush horses". Of course they get kisses at feeding time, and talked to, and interacted with, so it's not like they're ignored, not to...

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The Fermentation Rabbit Hole

If you look on my kitchen counter on a shelf next to my nonstick pan spray, a measuring cup, and a large variety of teas, you'll find a quart canning jar (Thanks grandma!) covered with a muslin "hat". It looks like a bonnet, and if you look inside it you might be...

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Distract Me (Fibromyalgia Gone Wild)

Pain relievers. Pain relief. I could go to the trusty dictionary and find the definition of relief, but I think most of us can imagine what we believe pain relief to be. Yet, for most chronic pain patients, there really isn't any relief. The goal of pain relief should...

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