It’s no surprise that our magical critters make messes. Living in a house with fifteen cats, well there is the occasional hairball or other mess to clean up. I’ve tried a lot of products, and for many things I swear by Nature’s Miracle, but as I’m going through a renovation project of sorts in the bedroom mom used, which is now going to be my yoga and video room (my professional office, as it were), I’m also needing to clean up some “vintage” areas. (This room was used for storage in the past year and things happen. My cat people know.)

I had a little bit of a bottle of this left over from a Walmart purchase and started using it. Between this and my Swiffer Wet Jet the laminate floor looks pretty darn amazing. Of course it’ll be covered by my yoga mat, but still, I’ll know. *grins*

While I don’t normally do product recommendations/affiliate type posts of this nature on my blog, since I write about magical animals and they need as much cleaning up after as their mundane counterparts, I thought I’d mention it. I’ve been super impressed by this stuff, and considering the number of cats we have, let’s just say I’ve put it through its paces. Hope it helps you too!

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