In one month and thirteen days it’ll have been a year since mom died. Honestly, I didn’t expect her cat, my sister, the Queen to live that long. After all, she’d battled bobcat fever in 2017, then faced high blood pressure, and had been on medicine for it since August 2017 when we realized that she had gone blind. She’s lost a little weight, but not bad in an old cat. She is, however, an old cat and I have dealt with my share of geriatric cat.

A few weeks ago, I put a bag of Hill’s Science Diet Senior cat food (7+ instead of 11+ because they were out). For a cat who is missing teeth, she gobbled that food down. And I’m noticing a difference. Now I am not a science diet fan and am on the fence about the effectiveness of prescription diets and ingredients. It’s also a pricey food. But, I wanted to put a small charge on my care credit card so they wouldn’t close it due to non use. So I bought a bag.

And Belle seems to be thriving on it. I’ll do my best to keep her on it. However for now, I am thrilled that she’s happy and feeling so good.

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