When I went to Iowa last October I picked up a box of Breyer horses that belonged to my great-uncle who had passed away. He collected model horses/toy farm animals, and as someone in the family with an existing Breyer collection, as well as my own little farm, it was suggested they come to me. I agreed and welcomed them into my “herd”. However they sat in the box until my spouse helped me put up the shelf so I’d have a place to put them. That happened this past week and the horses went up.

I was pleased to see an original Brighty (sitting mule) mold. There was a draft horse, a palomino grazing mare, one of the original paint horse models, and a bay running mare. There’s also an original rough-coated Misty.

The horses are older models and well loved. They have ear tips and rubs, scuffs and marks. But they belonged to a relative and I am pleased to give them a home. Along with the Breyers there were quite a few Schleich farm animals, including an entire family of Boer goats, cows and bulls, and other breeds of goats. There were also some no-name horses and models. All of them have a place on my shelf.

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