Drink With Me

I love good coffee and tea. More than drinking it I love sharing it with people. These are some companies I enjoy and want to share with you.


So it’s coffee in the morning and then tea all afternoon. When you join the Tea Club for as little as $1/month, you can enjoy good tea and a wide variety of flavors. Use this referral code: REFB7XZYCZZ8Q to The Tea Club.

Fizzy Stuff

I love my SodaStream. I haven’t used it for a while, but I’m getting back into it for fruit (real fruit! Not chemical fruit or “fruit farts”) flavored fizzy water. Enjoy this deal.

Do you have a coffee or tea flavor that you enjoy? Let me know. I’d love to try them out. Some of my favorite blends include Verena Street’s Cow Tipper and Mississippi Grog. I also love Just’s WTF blend and have a couple more to try.