Drink With Me

I love good coffee and tea. More than drinking it I love sharing it with people. These are some companies I enjoy and want to share with you.


I love Tayst coffee. And even better not only is their coffee delicious, but the pod that it’s in and the bag that the pods come in are all compostable! So it’s good for the environment too. Here’s a link. You’ll get $5 if you try it.


So it’s coffee in the morning and then tea all afternoon. When you join the Tea Club for as little as $1/month, you can enjoy good tea and a wide variety of flavors. Use this referral code: REFB7XZYCZZ8Q to The Tea Club.

Do you have a coffee or tea flavor that you enjoy? Let me know. I’d love to try them out. Some of my favorite blends include Verena Street’s Cow Tipper and Mississippi Grog. I also love Just’s WTF blend and have a couple more to try.