Long-time readers of this blog may remember the summer of 2015 when we had “kitten summer”. I sold Soap for Sweet Pea to get her, as well as all her children (and extended family members, since we’re not sure how the branches work on this particular family tree) spayed and neutered. We accomplished our goal, and yesterday, “the beans”, as I called the first litter, turned five.

Sweet Pea (the black and white cat in both pictures) is the mom, and she puts up with a lot from her kids. Sammy (the guy on his back) and Buck (the grey one in the middle) are the two instigators, while their sister, little innocent Awesome Blossom (tabby) is always an angel. *cough* The big bruiser Scooter isn’t pictured here. He often likes to sleep by himself. But these five kitties have brought so much joy to my life and to our family. Buck was mom’s favorite, and he’s just a big love. I can’t believe they’re five years old already, but here we are. Happy Birthday, Beans!

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