I’ve talked a bit about going back to work in my office cabin, and even though I’ve been here for a week, there’s one thing that will make it feel like I’m back “home” and that’s Mama Jewel. Mama J lived in my office from when she decided to be caught (and have her second litter) to when I moved her into the house after mom passed away. She loved being an office cat, having the entire room/building to herself. She’d sit in the loft, look out the “vent” and meow at me when she saw me coming home from work.

When I’ve been working in the home office, Mama J is right there on the back of my chair, purring and head bonking the back of my head. She loves to be a “help” and has been so thrilled since I’ve been working from home. Here she is showing off in my desk chair. (My mom crochet that afghan for me around 1986 or so. Yes, I picked the colors.)

So starting on Monday she’ll be coming to work with me again, our commute not a very long one. I’ll update everyone next week on how she’s doing, but this is the final step of “things returning to normal” around here, and Mama J, who isn’t much for sharing her person with other kitties, will be very happy that it’ll be just the two of us out here.

Mama J will still come into the house at night. This will help save on the heating/ac bills, as well as make sure that she’s in safe and sound. She’s set up her haven in the second bedroom, and she has made friends with mom’s elderly cat. Two cranky old ladies gotta stick together, you know. Of course, Mama J may not be “old”. She’s been with us since 2015, but she could have been young when she arrived. Either way, she’ll be enjoying her time in the office for a long while to come.

Welcome home, Mama J.

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