Fall Finally Arrives (Sunday Horses)

Fall Finally Arrives (Sunday Horses)

While you never truly know, this past week hopefully saw the last of our 90 degree days for a while as we finally eased into fall. A high today around 70, lows in the 50’s, it’s starting to be that delightful season that has me thinking about fuzzy slipper...
Fall Finally Arrives (Sunday Horses)

Update on Hay Fund Raising (Sunday Horses)

For today’s Sunday Horses post, I wanted to give a thank you and a shout out to everyone who has helped me in my fundraising goal. As of yesterday’s delivery we have 3 loads of hay (18 bales), and as of the first of the month I’ll have four, which is...
Fall Finally Arrives (Sunday Horses)

Breyer Horses: A Gateway Drug

Now that I’m done going through mom’s boxes, the next big project is straightening and organizing the house now that we know what we have and where we need to put it. One of these items are my remaining Breyer horses. You see, in the late 80’s and...
Fall Finally Arrives (Sunday Horses)

Finding Horse Treasures From The Past (Sunday Horses)

I finished going through my mom’s belongings, the boxes in the storage shed, last weekend. And among the knickknacks and her nurse collection were old pictures. Pictures that brought me back to my horse crazy childhood, and yes, brought tears to my eyes. Meet...
Fall Finally Arrives (Sunday Horses)

Mental Health & Horses (Sunday Horses)

I’ve had Fortune, my senior mare, since December 1999. That’s important because January 2000 was when my first marriage ended, so to say that she’s been with me through most of my major adult traumas would not be an inaccurate statement. She was...

Hay for Horses Update (Sunday Horses)

About a month ago, I made my original “hay for horses” post. With one short edit and a payment on another edit, I earned enough to get one load of hay delivered, which should be coming today. However, that leaves me five loads short, not to mention the...

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