One of the benefits of being in the Ozarks is that our highs are quite often above freezing. Right now we’re running in the 40s or 50s, which isn’t bad when our overnight lows are in the 20s. That means if the water hose freezes, it will thaw by midday and we can still fill the water troughs without too much issue. Sometimes if the weather doesn’t warm up that much, then the hose stays pretty frozen, and when you turn on the hydrant all you get is a trickle.

These days, I empathize with the trickle of water coming through the frozen hose. It’s something, and I’m happy because it means we don’t have to go to any extra lengths to thaw the hose and then try again. I also know that the water coming from the well is warm enough that if I have enough patience, the water will melt the ice as it goes through and the trickle will grow until I get a full flow of water. It just takes time.

So many things these days just take time. Patience has never been my strong suit, and I won’t lie. I look at the hose and think “are we there yet?” or “are we getting anymore water?” Some days it takes longer than I expect, but it happens.

And I remember that the trickle of water is the promise of something more. It’s the promise of the ease and flow to come, and I wait. Eventually the water will flow…

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