It’s been a while since I’ve written a Sunday Horses blog; I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after two very busy semesters in college (one more to go before my Associate’s Degree) and some health issues. But with summer heat, fly season has officially arrived. Okay, it arrived a few weeks ago. It just took me this long to feel well enough to go out and fly spray everyone. So yesterday, that’s what I did.

I’m blessed really. Four of the six horses don’t mind being fly sprayed at all. It’s almost like once Thunder and Firefly stand there and let me fuss over them, they decide they want some fussing too. Two, however, do not like to be fly sprayed. I purchased a package of Equi-Spot which is supposed to stay on for 2 weeks, and used it on them. In the end, I felt accomplished and my horses were visibly more comfortable.

Fly spray time is a pretty relaxing time for us, contrary to some horses’ experiences. I go out, pet and rub noses, check everyone over for ticks and nicks, and general wellness, then I make sure they’re protected. It’s a good bonding for us, and it’s something that I do every few days, since the Bronco fly spray tends to wash off with sweat after a day. (I’ll be trying some longer lasting stuff probably in the near future, or check my Amazon Wish List.)

In the end, it allows them to stand in the shade of their shelter and not be bothered while they’re keeping cool on these hot, summer days.

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