I’ve talked about giving Polly her soaked alfalfa pellets and senior feed before. It’s something I’ve been doing daily since she arrived in August and she’s blossomed for it. I’ll have to get some current pictures as fuzzy as she is, because she has gained weight and looks awesome.

However, Fortune, the senior mare whose pictures I shared a couple of weeks ago, aka the Empress of the Pasture, has decided that she too deserves soaked alfalfa pellets. Now Fortune, like her human mommy, has always been “fluffy” and well-insulated. She’s what’s known in the horse world as an “easy keeper”. But she is getting older, and now that Polly’s friend Kitty Kash is also there, Miss Kitty has turned into quite the alpha, dominant mare, and Fortune gives way to her. (Miss Kitty is a bitch…when it comes to food.) Fortune hasn’t dropped weight that badly, but also, knowing her age (she’ll be 22 in August), a bit of senior food won’t hurt her.

So now, the two ‘old ladies’ of the pasture get their daily soaked food, and Fortune is blossoming for it. I watched her roll and shake herself, looking quite pleased, today. It’s also a good way to get her joint supplement (Senior Snax horse cookies + MSM powder) into her, just like I do with Polly to make sure that no one else eats it. (Fortune and her “foal” Firefly often share buckets).

So the Empress has spoken, and I, like a dutiful good horse slave, have listened. I’m keeping an eye on her, making sure she won’t get too “fluffy” over it or have any other issues. But also, as a dutiful horse slave, I love to pamper the Empress, and all of the herd.

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