One of the things I do each week is make my breakfasts to take into work. Having breakfast keeps me from being a starving monster (hangry) during the day and gets me of to a good start. Fast food breakfasts are expensive, plus they’re awfully greasy. Instead, I much prefer to take my own and with an overabundance of eggs, it’s easy to do. So here’s the first in what probably is going to be a series of my take to work breakfasts.

My goal for these breakfasts are twofold. 1) Make sure I have enough to last the 3 days I work in town. 2) Make it something I can microwave easily without much mess.

The first recipe I’m sharing with you came about because the muffin pan was dirty and I really didn’t want to wash it. (haha) (Dishes are my husband’s job, and he was going to take care of them later.) So, instead of pouring this into a muffin tin and making my “egg muffins”, I simply cooked it in the electric skillet, dumped it in the same resealable dish I use, and took it to work. Turned out very well.

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Omlettes to Go 1: The Travel Fritatta
  1. 1. cut bacon into 1-2" pieces begin to fry. Cook until about halfway done. Flip. 2. add hashbrowns and seasoning mix. 3. while those are cooking (stir occasionally), break eggs into bowl and whisk with milk. Add a bit of black pepper. 4. When the meat/potatoes are done, pour egg mixture over. Let sit until you start to see bubbles come through. 5. Take your spatula and carefully lift the edges. cook a bit more, then "cut" the pan into pieces, flipping each piece. 6. Cook until almost done. Add cheese. Finish melting cheese. I take this to work for my breakfasts and putting a serving in a bowl and microwaving it for about 75 seconds heats it through. It travels well and reheats well.
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