I knew it’d have to happen someday. After living in Iowa for a very long time, I knew what winter weather would bring. And honestly, the first winter we moved here and I had sixty degree days while my family back in Iowa was getting snow, well it was a little delicious. I won’t lie. Don’t get me wrong. We get winter weather, but last year it was all the way until January or maybe even February until we saw our first snow. Well today it snowed.

Of course it’s difficult to get a picture of Fortune, the elder mare without her sticking her nose over the fence and asking for treats. But here she is, snow starting to stick and all. She looks at this snow and at the other horses with a look of haughty disdain on her face. “Look, people,” she seems to say, “I grew up in Iowa. I’ve had snow touching my belly for days at a time! This is nothing. Now where are my treats?”

Don’t worry, she did get some treats.

It’s always interesting to watch the horses when the first snow comes. It’s almost as if they have to remember what it is and that it won’t hurt them. For a while all the mares stood in the run-in shed, looking at it and wondering if they should go out. Then, after seeing the gelding in the snow (boys!) and realizing that I was out and about in it taking care of some last-minute chores, they came out to see what they could get. They are spoiled creatures, after all.

I brought SuperDuck in before I finished. He looked at me as if to say “I’m a duck, not a penguin” and was happy to be back in the cozy warmth of the house. Here’s a snowday selfie to round out today’s post.

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