One of my favorite parts of working from home is being able to look out the window and see my horses. When I look at them, sometimes I see them standing close by, swishing flies away or just snoozing together. Other times, they’re spaced out, each in their own personal space. To me, horses provide a great role model to social distance. Be willing to defend your space (with pinned ears and hooves if necessary). Know when it’s okay to get close. And most of all, appreciate that you can still be a herd, even if everyone is six (or more) feet apart.

I get this. My senior mare is a big fan of social distancing. She’ll often go be alone and I can’t say I blame her. Snoozing under her favorite oak tree, she recharges without having to worry about the other horses bothering her. I’m very much like her. I’d much rather be alone than deal with people or even a crowd. As I look at them this morning, it’s raining slightly and everyone is grazing about six to eight feet away from each other.

This morning, when I went to feed them, they were standing in the shed because it was raining harder, faces together, no doubt contemplating what they’d do today. Chase the chickens. Go talk to the cows next door. (over the fence). They had big horse days planned and it was important that they collaborate.

But once feeding time was over, they were out and distancing again. It’s all good here on the homestead. Social distancing is a way of life.

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