For many of us the question of “how are things going?” is kind of a loaded one. When you have a chronic illness, such as I do, you quickly learn that no one wants the truth. Once you get past the “have you tried yoga?” phase of discussing your chronic illness, the general public really doesn’t want to hear it. Our society is programmed to equate being sick with personal failings, and so when you have a condition with only management (no cure), most people automatically believe that you did something to make it happen to you. I’m hearing the same things when it comes to COVID-19, which prompted this as well. “You didn’t wear a mask, so you got sick. You didn’t social distance, so you got sick.” The truth is, like many of our healthcare workers try to do, you can do everything as close to perfect as the system allows and you’ll still get sick.

All in all, I’m pretty lucky. I have a job. I can work from home, and my views are our gorgeous homestead where I can listen to the chickens and watch the horses. I consider myself fortunate, even in spite of internet slow downs (and when you’re on satellite internet, it’s pretty slow to begin with) and computer issues. We’re under a “stay at home” directive, and I’ve got food easily to last me and the livestock until the middle of April, so I’m just enjoying this enforced staycation.

I hope everyone is safe and well.

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