I know I’ve written a lot about my livestock and being able to spend time with them now that I’m working from home. But if you’ll indulge me one more time, I’m going to write about my horses today. You see, being able to look out the window and see my mare was the reason why we moved to the Ozarks. As tough as it has been, that’s been one of the saving graces.

And that’s a saving grace here, too. Although people who know me, know that working from home has been long on my list of things to get back to, being able to do so has helped immensely. I need a break? I go outside and pet my horses. I need to exercise? Well there’s feeding or working with them. I know their patterns, and that reassures me when something may be off only to discover that it’s part of their pattern and everything is okay.

On Friday the weather was so nice that I took some time to just groom my mare. She’s shedding and it’s been raining, so she’s muddy too. The hair and dirt I got off of her (and onto me, haha) had to feel good. And she curled her head around to touch my shoulder, and kept looking at me as if to say “why haven’t you done this more?”

With tears in my eyes, I told her it was because working in the office full time leaves me with no energy during the week. On the weekends, I try, but taking care of everything I couldn’t do during the week exhausts me. But I vowed, as long as I’m working from home, to do this more. And perhaps, in the middle of this crisis, my horses can help me find the strength and energy to move forward, maybe to make this situation “permanent”, but in a good way.

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