A gelding loves you, a mare tolerates you, or so the saying goes. Here at the top of Charmed Chicken Mountain, that’s how it goes in our pasture too. Fortune, my senior and THE BOSS mare, has been the other half of my heart for 20 years now. She came to me as a three month old filly, all big ears and gangly, crooked legs. She’s grown into a beautiful mare, showing that once again it’s amazing what love can do.

She however, doesn’t love Thunder, the gelding. (Except for those three days out of the month, haha). Yesterday, when I was giving them their weekly bale of hay, she was standing there eating, and getting brushed. And yet, she kept her ears pinned and looked over her shoulder, lest that “evil” gelding get more attention than she did. Or hay, for that matter. Don’t anyone get between the Empress and her hay bale.

Luckily Thunder has an excellent disposition and he simply stands there and looks at me like “see what I have to put up with, mom”. He waits his turn and then he goes to eat. It’s all good to him. And as long as he keeps his distance, it’s all good to the boss too.

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