To say that the temperatures this winter have been a bit of a roller coaster is the understatement of the year. From highs barely above freezing (We’ve yet to have highs below freezing, and I don’t mind.) to today’s high of 72, the weather certainly doesn’t know what it wants to do. We tend to have one or two really nice days (Thankfully, they’re finally falling on the weekend.) and then we have a few cold days. In this case, after tomorrow, we’ll have about four days of rain.

I don’t know about the horses, but I suspect they’re as tired of wet, dreary weather as I am. When it’s cold and rainy they stay in their shelter, standing around the hay bale munching. Yesterday, I caught them snoozing in the sun like thousand pound kitty cats (and just as cuddly), and even going into the front half of the pasture to graze, something they’ve done little of this winter.

As I pet my mare and reassure her that no, I didn’t die, I just slept in this morning, and I’m SO SORRY that her breakfast is late, I notice she’s fuzzy like everyone else. And that means soon we’ll be into shedding season. Horse owners know what I’m talking about. The season when you go to the barn, brush your horse, and end up coated head to toe in horse hair. Then you get horse hair in your car. It’s like a dog shedding only much much larger.

However, shedding season is exciting because it means warmer and better weather is around the corner. So while it’s not happening yet, it will soon. And in it, we’ll see that spring is truly on the way.

For now, I’ll enjoy this glimpse and the horses will too.

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