It’s a chilly, windy day here, and I’m making a mental note to bring in the bucket I use to hold water for soaking the horse’s feed when I feed them. I’ll fill it with warm water from the tap, rather than dipping out cool/cold water from the horse trough. I figure that makes it more palatable, and let’s be honest, if I were living outdoors and the high temperature was in the 30s, I’d much rather be served warm food than barely above freezing food.

Today, however, will be a different kind of treat. Not much, because too big of changes in a horse’s diet can cause stomach upset. But I’ll be taking some cheap oats and adding warm water to them to make a nice mash. Probably toss in a peppermint or two into each bucket too (I’m still using my stash from LAST Christmas, haha). Even the horses whose feed isn’t soaked will get a couple of cups of nice warm oatmeal on top of their nightly dinner tonight.

In fact, this afternoon, I’m going to mix some chopped corn in with oatmeal and make sure the chickens, geese, and pig have a treat too.

As for myself? I have snuggly blankets and cocoa with marshmallows.

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