Today’s Sunday Horses post is short and sweet. As I wait for another load of hay to arrive, and knowing I have money in the bank for two more (thanks to a family member and my Iowa trip not costing as much as I thought), I’ve rolled the single bale left over from last year into the shelter just in case and know that my horses have hay to get through the winter.

Thank you!

As I battle with my chronic illnesses and struggle with our financial situation, I cannot describe the relief and gratitude that fills me knowing that my horses will be taken care of through the winter. The weather has been strange. We’re starting off colder than normal, though if this year trends like last year, it’ll modulate some, and that’s not a bad thing. For me, for my horses, or for their hay consumption. (Horses eat hay to stay warm. Digesting hay is the furnace that keeps their body temps good.)

So thank you! From the bottom of my heart, and the horses thank you too. I couldn’t have gotten to this place without you. You’re all the best!


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