While you never truly know, this past week hopefully saw the last of our 90 degree days for a while as we finally eased into fall. A high today around 70, lows in the 50’s, it’s starting to be that delightful season that has me thinking about fuzzy slipper socks, pumpkin everything, and making sure my horses are ready for winter.

(points to button at the bottom of this post). I still need two more loads of hay to get us to the perfect spot this winter, so anything you can do will help.

However, the one thing I like the most about this time of the year is that it’s when horses start to get fuzzy. As I run my fingers over their coat, I feel it begin to get thicker with the cooler nights. Fortune is getting darker. The sun fade that Holly wore, turning her from her reddish copper to more orange, is beginning to darken once more. Thunder will become what I like to call a “woolly mustang” though that implies a horse who is wild and untamable, rather than the consummate equestrian couch potato who is looking for his next treat and nose kisses. Firefly too, becomes a fuzzy “mustang”, though like her father, she’s all in for kisses and hugs.

Horse hugs at any time of the year, yes even the hot sticky time of the year, are the best kind of hugs. When horses are fuzzy with their winter coat, oh so warm on a cool morning–they’re even better. There are many reasons why I look forward to fall. Fuzzy horses are just but one.


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