For today’s Sunday Horses post, I wanted to give a thank you and a shout out to everyone who has helped me in my fundraising goal. As of yesterday’s delivery we have 3 loads of hay (18 bales), and as of the first of the month I’ll have four, which is the bare minimum I want for going through the winter. I really want to raise the money for the remaining two loads so I can move onto saving up to go to Iowa to see my grandmother who recently was moved into assisted living and has advanced stage Parkinson’s disease. Also, I found out that she can use my mother’s wheelchair, so the sooner I can get to Iowa, the sooner I can give it to her and help her out. (She’s borrowing one in the meantime.)

The good news is that I’m not just asking for donations. Sure, that helps, and I won’t turn them away at this point. However, I’m an editor and also do author virtual assistant work, so more importantly I’m asking for people to hire me. I want to work for this money. I want to work!

I feel as if people may feel that I’m not asking for help for the “right things”. The truth is, even with my health insurance, because of the way Anthem is twisting the law to its own benefit, I can’t afford therapy, and the last time I went, well let’s just say that it was far more harmful than good. So, for my major depression and anxiety, I rely on my horses. I always have. Spending time with them, working with them, eases my soul and heals me like nothing else can. So this is my medical go fund me. This is my “give me peace of mind so I can continue to heal” plea.

I understand not everyone really gets this. But what I am asking is that if you need editing or help, or want to read some free stories, click on the HELP link below and see if I can help you. It will help me, too.

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