Now that I’m done going through mom’s boxes, the next big project is straightening and organizing the house now that we know what we have and where we need to put it. One of these items are my remaining Breyer horses. You see, in the late 80’s and early 90’s I amassed a collection of over 100 Breyer horses. I sold many of them in the late 90’s, but I still have several which either are meaningful to me or special.

I used to joke that I don’t need plastic horses now that I have a real one. However, when I started writing the Noble Dreams series, I began picking up my favorite models (the USET set) to represent the horses among others. I don’t actively collect them, but I find that it helps to have the horses that I’m writing about in model.

Breyer horses can be the gateway to real horses for many young people who can’t have a real horse. A plastic one, however, comes with a lot less space needs and no stalls to clean. That is unless you buy the stall cleaning kit so you can “clean” their stalls.

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