It’s no secret that I like to give my horses treats. One of my favorites is a brand called Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffins. Not only do most people know that European horse things are much better than our American version, what horse owner doesn’t want to believe that they own an Equus Magnificus?

My horses gobble these up. To be fair, they eat most treats I provide them. They’re not picky eaters. However, I’m enthralled enough with them that I put them in a series of books that’ll be coming out later in my Radio Arcanum series. When someone who knows nothing about horses goes to the feed store for the first time to buy things for the pegasus who has adopted her, these are the treats she chooses.

This isn’t a sponsored post or paid add. I wanted to give you a bit of a glimpse into the real horse details which go into the making of the stories about my magical equines.

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