It’s a rough day today. I won’t lie. I’ve got one more “in house” thing to do (other than this blog) and then I’m going outside. Partially because the yard needs to be mowed, but really, because usually in the afternoons the horses are up by the house, and I could use some hugs. So I’ll take a few horse cookies, break them up so they go further, and go step into the pasture where I’ll hug my Fortune and Mr. Thunder (who gives the best hugs for pretty much being ignored for the first 7 years of his life), and feed them cookies, and probably press my face into their necks and cry.

It’s a amazing what even just seeing the horses can do for mental health. Everyone was grazing not far from the shelter after the storm, and I saw my girls (and Thunder) and just smiled even though we were sorting out a pretty frustrating situation involving a flat tire and an extra rutted, rocky driveway.

Sure, I mean I love my cats. Waking up with kitties snuggling with me, or on me, and listening to them purr can center me and put me in the moment like little else, besides horse hugs, can. Knowing that I’m caring for them as they care for me, so heartwarming.

But the horses can recenter and reset my day in an instant. So as soon as I finish my chore, I’m going to go outside. And before I mow (which is a chore I love to do since dad ran a lawn service company for a great many years), I’m going to hug some horses because I need reminding that I am loved and that I am doing okay, and I’m doing the best I can.

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