I recently began offering editing services through My Author Home, in part because I miss editing. I love working with authors and seeing their books come to life. But also, let me be honest, because the summer is half over and due to my needing to deal with my own health issues, the income has not recovered from mom’s passing (I lost 40% of my W2 income when she died because I was getting paid to care for her) as much as I’d hoped, and I’m scared. I’m really really scared. My biggest fear right now (and reason why I have to take my little white anti-anxiety pills) is that I won’t be able to stock up on hay for my horses and that would break my heart. It’d break me.

You see, my horses are my reason for getting up in the morning. They’re my reason for living, because they’re all pasture pets and the horse market is crap even for well trained show horses, if I could even bring myself to sell them. Also they’re my therapists. And I guarantee you that they are cheaper (especially with Anthem’s violation of the Mental Health Parity Act) and far more effective than any mental health professional I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

They’re my fitness trainers and my gym membership, too. They keep me active, because I go out in the pasture with them to brush them or spray them with fly spray or just to give hugs.

The good news is, I’m now seeing medical professionals to help the physical health issues. They’ve prescribed medication for my mental health. However, what would greatly put my mind at ease is seeing the 36 bales of hay all tarped and ready for winter sitting in my yard. I know, because looking at those bales, being able to offer them (roughly one every 5 days) to the horses, was what got me through the soul-crushing grief of mom’s death in October.

My goal is $1200. (Points to counter above.) This will ensure that I can cover the hay bill from my regular supplier and if I’m unable to get hay from him, purchase it in square bale form from others at a higher cost. There is some cushion built in since the price of hay fluctuates. (Any money left over will be put toward a trip to Iowa before winter to see my grandma before she passes away. She has stage 4 Parkinson’s and has moved into an assisted living facility. Being familiar enough with someone who had congestive heart failure and other issues, and the fact that while she can stand and transfer, but is wheelchair bound, I also have a good idea of just how limited her time is.)

How Can You Help?

If you are an author who needs editing services, even if you’re thinking it’ll be a few months down the road, check out my editing services at My Author Home. I also do book formatting and website hosting. I would much rather work for the money than take a direct donation. I’ve reduced my prices not just as a launch special, but also to hopefully encourage those who may worry that they can’t afford an editor to reach out. I have over a decade as an editor for not just my own publishing company, but others as well.

At this point, I won’t turn away donations. I’m panicking. So here are some donation buttons as well.


Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Why am I not dong a GoFundMe?

Because I am not comfortable asking for flat out donations. I would prefer to work for the money, hence the editing. Plus, GFM takes about 15% of the donations. Ouch.

Who are you helping?




Picture #1: Holly, a kill pen rescue who came to us 12/2017. She came out of a big kill pen in Kansas and is slowly growing to trust me. She is very skittish when you approach her, but learning that all I want to do is offer her treats or petting. (Recent picture so you can see that they have lots of grass right now.)

Picture #2: Firefly (blaze) the 5yo daughter of the other two. The baby from my heart horse. A bit of a “wild mustang” who is in your pocket. Now that I’m physically feeling better I am hoping to start ground work with her.

Picture #2: Fortune (bay), my heart horse. She’ll be 20 next month; I’ve had her since she was 3 months old. She is my love and my life. (Picture was taken during the fall a couple of years ago, so they do have grass right now.)

Picture #3: Thunder, been a gelding now for about 5 years. A huge puppy dog who just wants love. He was my mom’s horse, purchased because her dream had always been to own a medicine hat paint. She loved him so much. Now, he’s my goofy boy. Not a good selfie taker.

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