If there’s a storm moving in, it often does so at feeding time. I might lay in bed in the morning listening to the rain and think “oh, it’s getting lighter”, then when I get outside it starts pouring again. So tonight, as I finished up a phone call with a family member (one that was cut short by storm-related cell phone interference), I decided I’d go outside and feed the horses BEFORE it rained. Imagine that!

The change in temperature from a sultry, sticky, 92 with no breeze to what I experienced when I stepped outside was amazing. I watched the horses come in from the pasture. It’d finally gotten cool enough for them to go back out and graze. And I got them fed and the baby chickens fed before the storm came in. I even had time to gather eggs, run inside and grab my cell phone and snap a few photos.

The “horse model” is Holly, who is pretty sunbleached, but my rescue horse. She’s here for the food and not too big on horse hugs–yet. Enjoy.

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