The personality of Fortune and her daughter Firefly normally runs to the stoic, laid back, wanting attention and treats. However, with all the rain we’ve had, the differences in their attitudes have been on full display. It’s muddy, deep sucky nasty mud, at both entrances to their shelter. I’m waiting for it to try out so I can go in with the muck fork and dig some of it out. Honestly, we just need better drainage.

Anyway, I feed the ladies in the run-in shed. Fortune looks at the mud, looks at me holding the food bucket, sighs heavily, and steps through it like “whatever. I’ve got to get to the food.”

Firefly looks at me. Looks at the mud. Slowly puts in one foot. Stops. Looks at the mud. Steps in with another foot, as if she’s afraid she’s going to get dainty slippers dirty. Then, she makes it in for food.

This was something that made me smile and I hope it makes you smile too. The sun is out. It looks like we’re on track for less mud, which makes me happy and hopefully the ground will start to dry up. A little, at least.

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