For this Saturday food, I thought with it being Easter weekend and most people having an abundance of hard boiled eggs, I thought I’d give some tips on peeling good, picture worthy eggs.

It’s important to know a bit of egg anatomy. Beneath the shell is a membrane. This allows oxygen to permeate the egg and the carbon dioxide the chick breaks out to leave the egg. It’s also your best friend when it comes to peeling eggs. As soon as you finish cooking them, put them in an ice-water bath (or I put them in a carton and directly in the fridge.). This will cause the membrane to shrink and stick to the shell.

Next, when you store your eggs, store them round side up, point down. The round end is where the air cell will be for the forming chick. When you are ready to peel the eggs, I tap the round end on the counter, then roll/crunch a little of the egg around the edges. Then, when you start with the round end (air cell), you hopefully will be getting the membrane and shell and the egg will peel like a banana.

Fresh eggs will always be harder to peel (due to a smaller air cell), and with the ones I cooked and peeled yesterday for pickled eggs, I could tell a difference from the ones I had in the basket on the counter compared to the fridge (stored on their side vs. pointy end down).

I hope this helps you to have perfect peeled eggs, because after the fun of coloring easter eggs, there’s also fun in the eating.

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