It’s nearly the end of March, the time when I figured if the hay could make it to this point we’d be okay. After all, our lows are now at or above freezing and the grass has turned green. I can see the pasture growing. We made it through winter.

And I have 3 round bales left, not counting the one I gave them yesterday!

This fall we feared the drought would lead to hay shortages, and around December/January people were scrambling for hay. It still isn’t pretty out there, but I was thankful to get six loads of round bales in, put them up on pallets and tarp them and they’ve lasted pretty well with our weather.

I’m thankful. My goal is still one bale a week (I had planned on one bale every five days.) and this should easily take us to easter, I think. In any event, we have hay. The grass is growing and we made it through another winter. I’m a very happy horse mama right now.

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