It’s not like me to be running, and yet, over the last ten days, I was going somewhere for nine of them. And even when I was kind of home, I had outdoor projects and all sorts of things happening and so I didn’t get to sit down at my desk the way I normally do, and Mama J knew.

One of the things I’ve noticed since her recovery was that she has gotten a lot more affectionate. Not that she was standoffish before. No, she’d lay on the back of my chair and lick and chew on my hair. But now? After all the fluids and syringe feeding, it’s almost as if she knew I was the one (along with help from hubby in the feeding department when I was at work) who brought her back from the brink of death. And she loves us even more for it.

Yesterday was supposed to be my FINALLY, start of a four day stretch where I didn’t have to go ANYWHERE. Relax and recharge. Alas, a discussion of some plans with hubby had us going into town to take care of some business and what I was told would take 20 minutes took an hour and a half. So I spent most of the afternoon in town.

This morning, I sat down to write and Mama J was there. Purring as loud as she could, flopping down on the notebook where I write down next week’s menu and grocery list, once more kicking my pen on the floor, she was going to show me just how happy she was that I was here at my desk. It’s cute. It’s lovely. Sometimes it’s not conducive to working.

But it’s okay because soon she settles down in my lap or on the back of my chair, I get to working, and she’s happy that her person is back at her desk, and I’m happy because Mama J is back to her old, cuddly, snuggly self. It’s all good.

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