There comes a time every late winter when you expect spring to be just around the corner. The narcissus (early daffodils) are up and blooming, not just here but in the wild patches along our gravel road. We just had our “late season snow” that inevitably occurs, the burst of winter that reminds you the first day of spring is still a few weeks away and always makes me worry for the cheery yellow flowers. But each year they survive, and so do we, and now, I await shedding season.

Most horse owners who have outside horses (or those left unblanketed in unheated barns) know what I’m talking about. When the horses are still wooly with their winter coats, and yet, if you swirl your fingers in them, several strands of loose hair can be carried away in a stiff breeze. When you hope your horses know what they’re doing, because cold weather will still occur, and you’d hate for them to lose the protection too soon. Yet those with early shows also know the pain it becomes to keep the horses cooled out and most importantly clean.

I can tell with my crew that we’re headed toward shedding season, and frankly I can’t wait for the weather to get warm enough so I can spend an hour or two currying them without freezing myself. According to the weather we’ve got a cold bit, but then after mid week our lows will be above freezing, and since I’ve written about how antsy I am to start gardening.

Shedding season, when it hits, will signal that spring is truly here. And I know I’m not alone, when I say that I can’t wait.

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