Gardening update!

Last weekend I finally got the dirt in my kitty litter buckets and put them in the north window. My collard greens aren’t up yet. But, the arugula is. I have tiny two-leaf sprouts coming up as of this morning. I’m thrilled! Not only is arugula something my bearded dragons can eat (yay!), but we can too. And I am looking forward to making up more green salads drizzled with a bit of vinaigrette to brighten up my meals.

I’ve looked at the weather, and I think by this time next week I’ll be safe to put out some collard green seeds outside, and then plant my kale and my swiss chard. That also means getting back to the work of clearing out the horse’s run-in shed and moving the abundant supply of manure to the gardens. I had to admit, watching a show on PBS last Sunday about the gardens at Buckingham Palace, they commented on how the horses complemented the garden in that way, and my husband said that at least we have something in common with the Royals. (Well and we both love horses and the outdoors…)

I’ll keep you posted.


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