I find myself very lucky in that my “day job” has an office cat. (No that’s not her in the picture). Since I’m usually the first one in the office every morning, I let her out into the main part of the office. She curls up and sleeps on the blankets I keep on the filing cabinet by my desk, and often she’ll attack your feet on the way to the bathroom. She makes me smile and helps keep the stress of the day down.

At home, I have the always formidable Mama J, who has returned to her bossy, demanding, but also crazy affectionate self. In the picture is Blossom, the girl of the first litter we had in 2015. She’s the sweet, good natured sister to the three obnoxious brothers. (aka the Stoopid Boyz). She’s my little awesome blossom, or my awesome fart blossom depending on how she’s behaving. Either way, she’s awesome.

She’s nearly the spitting image of Pixie, the kitty who inspired the one in my WIP, Whiskers & Trouble, that I seriously will finish this year. I know I said that last year, but it’s on the list. I see it on my spreadsheet.

Kitties in the office are company. They’re support. They’re encouragement. And they’re adorable.

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