You may have remembered my talking about Mama Jewel’s liver disease. She had hepatic lipidosis, or the feline version of “fatty liver disease”. It means the liver isn’t processing fat well, or at all, and the liver values become so out of order that the liver begins to fail. In cats this happens when a fluffy (okay fat) cat stops eating.

In this case, Mama J was fighting the Bobcat Fever and stopped eating and her liver started to shut down. The best way to reverse liver disease is with feeding (syringe feeding) to replace the calories that the cat is missing, as well as supportive (sub-q fluids) therapy.

It is possible to reverse liver disease, though it is a long road that requires a lot of care from the pet owner. In my case, I was fortunate that I and my husband could feed Mama J pretty much every few hours until she felt well enough to eat on her own.

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