As I mentioned on Tuesday’s blog, I combined my Lizard Tuesdays and Bird Talk on one day to make room for the kitties. This week’s kitty care started with a bang. As in an emergency vet visit because I realized Mama Jewel (The mama kitty who showed up in 2015 with not one, but two litters of kittens before we could trap her and get her spayed. Don’t worry, she got spayed and came indoors, as did her kitties, though some of them went to good homes.) wasn’t eating and looked like she wasn’t feeling well.

We went to the vet’s office. I expected stress. I’d brought her inside. She’d been an “office cabin” kitty, but with the death of my mom, well the office cabin is very expensive to heat and I was trying to save money so the kitty came indoors. She doesn’t like “The Beans” but I thought we’d been doing all right with her staying in the room I use as a house office.

Turned out that she was in liver failure. And, to top it all off, she had Bobcat Fever. Yikes! The prognosis wasn’t good. She seemed very relaxed and purring in the doctor’s office and very loving, so it seemed as if she wasn’t ready to go yet. She’s come home with subcutaneous fluids and orders to be syringe fed.

Well, five days later, so far so good. She’s still eating by syringe, though I thought I’d get her to lick the meat baby food (cat crack) that I offered. She’s feeling better enough to be a bit feisty at times. I had to buy a new box of band aids. *smiles* But I am undaunted and with the help of my husband who feeds her when I’m at work, I feel as if we have a long road ahead of us, but one that will hopefully end with my kitty in good condition, eating on her own again.

I’ll keep you posted.

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