This past summer in the Ozarks we had a really bad drought. While the rain has certainly picked up in the last month or so, the news reports in early October were all about farmers selling off cattle and worried that they wouldn’t be able to feed them. Not only did this drive up the price of hay, but also made it more scarce. I admit, I worried. Last year, even with a good year hay-wise, my normal supplier ran out, and I was forced to scavenge for round bales. We also were less well set up with the front pasture still in dire need of better fencing and the half of the pasture my horses were in essentially a dry lot. I was feeding hay year round!

This fall, as I drive up my driveway lined with my little “alien eggs” or “burritos” as my husband calls them (round bales put up on pallets and tarped) I am filled with a sense of relief. I’ve got another load of hay coming today, and I am hoping I can get another load within the next few weeks and that, if my calculations are right, will finish us off for the winter.

Things are rough for us right now. Our income has taken a big hit with the passing of my mother. But, I am thankful that we have hay for the winter and my horses are well taken care of. For me, happiness is seeing the hay ready for winter, because I know no matter what happens, that essential forage is ready for my horses to keep them happy and healthy!

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