I finally did it! Checked the budget and decided to get my girl SmartPaks. You see, Fortune (my older mare) gave me a horrible scare that I’ll blog about tomorrow this week. And I realized, the way that she’d been eating probably wasn’t the best for her, since she is a senior horse and it was time to give a little more TLC. She’d currently been on MSM, ButeLess (which we will be discontinuing as soon as this bag is done as she doesn’t need them anymore) and Tumeric pellets, along with three Senior Snax. I wanted to add a gastric supplement. So, of course, I turned to SmartPak.

You see, I think SmartPaks are cool. Daily doses of supplements, you just open and dump. No scoops. No buckets all over the place (and I was getting quite the collection) and, important to me since my local feed store has a somewhat limited selection, no worrying about shipping and when to reorder.

I decided it was time to put my mare on SmartPaks. After all, some of her supplements are cheaper in SmartPaks, and if I was going to do a regular order anyway, why not make it even easier on myself. Plus, they made me feel like a good horse owner, that I was doing the right thing, and after our health scare, I needed all the positive reinforcement I could get.

They’ll be here next week, and I’m excited to start.

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