I took a break on the clarinet practicing. The end of the spring semester really hit me hard. Add to that a few other things, and well let’s just say my little notations in my planner that I played faded into nothingness. But I’ve practiced TWICE this week and hope to do so tomorrow as well. (Maybe not Saturday, because it’s Belmont Day and NBC/NBCsn has coverage from 2-6 my time.)

I look at my clarinet practicing the way I look at a great many things happening in my life right now. Slow and steady. Don’t beat myself up for what I haven’t done. Instead, look at what I’ve accomplished. If I get to play for 10 minutes a day, then that’s 10 minutes where I’ve let the music enter my life and work through me. Take the happy where I can, because I never know what tomorrow may bring.

It feels like a good motto to live by in other areas of my life too. A little bit of practice, slow and steady with those new habits, and soon they’ll grow into something more. At least, that’s my hope.

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