Although it’d been “on the list” since we moved down here in in 2013, finally my partner and I visited the Grand Gulf State Park, about 10 miles from our house. This has been called “little Grand Canyon”, though having been to the Grand Canyon, I probably wouldn’t go so far. The day was gorgeous yesterday, with a high around 70 (about 10 degrees cooler than normal this time of year). A light breeze and sunny skies gave us glorious weather in which to hike. Or rather, mosey, as we ambled along the trails looking at wildlife, catching beautiful views, and mostly just enjoying the fact we were outside, together, with no time pressures or “to do” lists.

The two trails were about a mile, and we spent probably an hour there in total. I took plenty of pictures on my phone, including a couple of selfies. This type of topography and scenery is what inspired us to move to Missouri, and inspired me to start writing my Musimagium world of magical musicians set here in the Ozarks. I jotted some information down from the guided signs for people to research and ideas to put into books.

It was a lovely day.

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