I’ve got a bit of a craft project happening on my desk right now. The music I’m working on is a solo, taken straight from a conference solo book. This means it has both the clarinet and the piano parts. Talk about notes! Three staves worth for each line. Add to that the piano part is meant to accompany and harmonize with the clarinet part, well all the notes are different, so it can be a bit difficult to follow.

The book is old enough that I searched for just the clarinet part online to no luck. So, I’ve just photocopied the three pages on my printer and I’ll cut the music apart, putting just the clarinet parts on my paper. A bit messy, perhaps. Certainly not as polished as if I’d just worked directly from the book. But, easier to follow.

My birthday is next week, so I’m hoping if my fingers cooperate, to provide you actual video proof of the fact that I can, indeed, still play the clarinet. Here’s hoping!

Hi, my name is Mary Caelsto, and I’m addicted to reeds. I love trying new brands, even those cheap Chinese knock-off reeds, and of course collecting accessories for my clarinet (collection). If what I’m doing here speaks to you and you’d like to support it, I’ve curated an Amazon wish list of things that would be helpful to my journey. Feel free to browse.

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