I had hoped to have a little Christmas music to play and share with you. But things kind of got hectic and my practice fell off, and alas, there wasn’t any Christmas music. However, I am back, found one of my non-Christmas solo books, and am practicing once more. I hope to have some music to share with you within a few weeks.

It’s important that when life interferes and we don’t get to practice or move forward the way we want that we don’t give up. It’s okay. Simply get back in the habit and start again. We get back on the horse, as the saying goes. When we do, we’ll find that the skills we thought we lost weren’t as bad and that we can continue. Hopefully for you, that means there will be some music and a share soon.

So consider this my apology. I really had wanted to bring you some Christmas music. But it’ll sound just as sweet, even if it isn’t holiday-themed.

Hi, my name is Mary Caelsto, and I’m addicted to reeds. I love trying new brands, even those cheap Chinese knock-off reeds, and of course collecting accessories for my clarinet (collection). If what I’m doing here speaks to you and you’d like to support it, I’ve curated an Amazon wish list of things that would be helpful to my journey. Feel free to browse.

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