Last October after visiting Iowa I came home with one hell of a case of bronchitis or whatever it was. It nearly killed my grandma, and she shared with me during our visit. (This was pre-pandemic, when she didn’t want to hug because she didn’t feel well, and I said “I’m tough.” and hugged her because she was my grandma.) Once I got “over it”, the doctor declared that I had pansinusitis. It never really went away, but when I went to the doctor again, that’s when the doctor pronounced me as “fibromyalgia” gone wild.

Well, it’s back. Thankfully I’m not coughing and don’t feel any worse than I usually do. But the sinus pain and pressure, the runny nose…yeah, it’s back. I’ve been running the humidifier and doing okay with it. However, studies have shown that phantom sinus issues comes with fibromyalgia (and ME/CFS). So the truth is, if the doctors actually treated my fibromyalgia, perhaps this would go away too!

In fact, in a fascinating (okay to me) article, this phantom sinusitis is related to ME/CFS and is part of dysautonomia/POTS, which based on my heart-rate checks I actually do have. This is a great article that talks about it. And here’s another article from the NIH.

So in a way, yeah, the doctor was right. All of this is my fibromyalgia gone wild. But if they don’t bother to treat the fibromyalgia, then it’s only going to party harder.

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