This month’s question is: Are there months or times of the year that you are more productive with your writing than other months, and why?

For me there aren’t any months or times of the year when I’m more productive, probably because I set my writing schedule and have a daily schedule that’s pretty consistent from month to month. Some months I make it; other months I don’t, but that depends on my health with fluctuates from day to day, so there’s no real seasonality involved. Sure, cold fronts or low pressure systems can make my pain worse, but to be blunt when you’re living with as much pain as I have–whatevs!

I think as a writer for me, it’s more important to be consistent. I do my best writing at the start of the day, hitting my word count and being done with it. Once that happens, the rest of my day opens up and I can work on all the other parts of being an author like website updates, uploading books, marketing and such. My output has been fairly consistent as of late, though I took a break last month to finish putting together Unbridled Resilience, so my word count was a bit low.

If you’d like to learn how I stay consistently productive, I encourage you to check out Unbridled Productivity. This is a course I teach on how to write every day and how to write more every day.

This year I’ve learned to write around returning to college, which has been fun. Of course, that also means that writing the papers are the easy parts of the assignment. *smiles* But I think it’s important to learn how to stay consistently productive no matter what’s happening in your life, but also, being gentle with yourself when you need to take that break.

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