When Supernatural announced the end of its run after season 15, most fans worried about how it was going to end. This blog is spoiler free! You won’t find spoilers here, but rather, I want to take a moment and heap some praise upon the writers and producers of the show. There are so many ways that it could have ended, and not all of them would have been good for the intrepid Winchester brothers. And yet, the ending was so good and so right that as a storyteller, I felt a pang of envy.

Most of all, that’s what readers (or viewers) want for their beloved characters. Depending on the genre, there are certain expectations. Romance readers need that happy for now/happily ever after ending. If your romance doesn’t end with kissies and I love you or at least “We’ve got something good here”, then it’s probably not a romance. Fans of science fiction and fantasy know all too well that those who run our favorite shows love to twist the knife. If two characters start to love one another and get to a good place (Thinking of Willow and Tara or Spike and Buffy here), then you know it’s not going to end well for them. I’ll admit I was seeing this play out in the DC Universe shows (Zari and Nate, anyone?), so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect here and I was prepared to have my guts ripped out, my heart stomped on, and to need to grab another box of tissues from the cupboard.

Suffice to say the ending was one that felt good, did evoke a few tears, and seemed so right for all involved. And as someone who crafts stories to share, it hit all the right notes. And as creators, isn’t that what we want our stories to do?

Thank you, Supernatural, for everything. Always keep fighting!

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