I try to wait until we have our first hard freeze, or November 1 comes, whichever happens first. This year they’re both happening on the same day. I have a lovely couple nearby who makes nice smallish bales that I can roll myself (or have my husband roll while I hold the “sharks”, or you know, the horses, at by) and the horses got the first one today. Of course, with it being 60 today, they’re in the pasture grazing, and that’s a lovely sight to see. They’ll actually graze and nibble year round, but I feed hay from November – March.

I’m thankful this year that between part of the COVID relief money and being able to save up a bit, I have the entire amount in the savings account ready to go for the deliveries. So it’s just a matter of scheduling things.

The clocks turn back, leaves fall…and it’s hay season. That’s how I know the holiday season is near.

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