On average chickens live 5-10 years, with 5-7 being average. So in that Kazoo was average in that he lived about 6 years. We’d tried a couple of times to start a flock of chickens, but being new to chicken keeping and unfamiliar with just how determined predators could be it took us a couple of tries to get things going. Kazoo came from a purchase of chicks from Ideal Poultry, which is my go to place for shipped chicks. He guarded over his ladies quite well and was a nice, gentle rooster as well.

He is a breed known as an “Easter Egger”. You can tell by his fluffy cheeks. This picture was taken in January 2016 when I’d already had him probably for at least a year. My guess is longer because this is the new coop and we were working with an older one for probably a year before that. The hens around him are Cucoo Marans and they lay a dark brown egg. When you cross the two, you get “olive eggers”. Yes, Dr. Seuss was right. You can eat green eggs and ham.

It’s a passing of the guard here at the homestead. His son Pretty Boy has been the lead rooster now for about a year. Pretty boy is white with gray accents and is a full Easter Egger. Kazoo (who was named because he sounded like a kazoo) lived a long, happy life here. He passed on his genes many times with many hens and he saw his bloodline continue. He was treated far better than most roosters, and lived a lot longer than them too. I’ll miss Kazoo’s odd little crow, but I also recognize his legacy and know it will continue. Rest in peace little dude.

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