To manage brain fog, I rely on schedules, systems, and spreadsheets. I put my reliable, responsible Capricorn nature into overdrive and schedule myself each day, each hour, with to do lists, plans, and routines. And this worked…for a while. Now that my world is topsy turvy with competing responsibilities of work (from home), and trying to gear up so I can hopefully STAY home and continue to work for myself, I’m finding my brain fog wavering.

It’s the little things. Like forgetting to scoop Truffle’s feed along with the horse buckets. I do feed my piggie. Don’t worry. But I often have to go back after I’m done feeding the horses and take care of it, because the reminder of her “bucket” isn’t there. (Fixing that today.) Or almost forgetting the lettuce and cheese on my tacos last night for supper because I simply wasn’t in the moment. I was thinking ten steps ahead as far as what I need to do.

I HATE BRAIN FOG. As someone who has always been on top of everything, taking care of it all, having my brain fail me like this feels like betrayal. And it ramps up the worry, and yes, that means the stress-induced fibro systems get worse too. Which makes the brain fog worse, and can you tell? I really hate it.

As with anything, being gentle with myself helps. Understanding that it’s a part of the “fibro gone wild” and working with my knowledge of supplements and supports. But right now, when all my coping mechanisms have been turned on their side, it’s been a far more interesting journey than I would have wanted.

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