I knew I’d be eating eggs a lot now that I’m working from home. My itty bitty Serama eggs (except I’m trying to convince her to sit so we’ll see). Duck eggs. I also had no idea that my chickens would finally start paying for themselves. Except, they are!

Selfie of me (middle aged woman) holding a tabby and white cat in her lap. Cat looks content.

I sell a few dozen eggs to coworkers, and since we’re social distancing, I told them that if they didn’t mind, I’d come into town on Saturday when the office was empty and drop off the eggs. Not only did that work, but one of my coworkers has members of her family wanting eggs too! Thank goodness I’ve got 10 dozen on my kitchen table at the moment, because I’ve sold 7 to them. That’ll pay for the chicken feed each week, and I’m excited.

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